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U WANG Studio is based in Ipoh but well prepared to travel all over the world for his journalistic wedding photography and cinematography/videography . The love and passion for photography drives him to create images that are revolutionary. Therefore, U WANG has created his own brand as U Concept Studio since 2003. On the year 2010, U Concept Studio has been changed to U WANG STUDIO. U WANG STUDIO specialize in contemporary wedding photography and Cinematography/Videography that combines a wide range of styles. And it will be there to eternalize those cherished moments for you and your loved ones.

U Wang Studio has taken part in numerous high profile projects, with the most recognized projects being the still photographer of the renowned local movie “Great Day”(天天好天) and was one of the guest speakers for “Sony Alpha Convention 2011” and Top 6 contestants for the Sony “Share the moment” competition. U Wang studio was also the creative director for the music album of Malaysian local bands “Pink Noise” and “Red & Qing”. U Wang studio directed the Pink Noise’s music video and also the Poh Kong TVC, and was appointed to be the official photographer for “The Legend is Born - Ip Man” Malaysia promotion tour & World Wing Chun Championship 2010.

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